Is COVID on a comeback? Is masking going to be a requirement again? Will we get to experience another lockdown? I hope not.

That said, it might be wise to be careful out there. As you saw in 2020 and 2021, people were acting a “little off” while being in lock-down. I’ve had in-depth discussions with my phone and my coffee maker. Looking back, I even included my stovetop. They all assure me that everything was going to be ok.  And, they were right. It was a huge hassle wearing masks, social distancing, limited travel, shelter in place orders, and the likes. But, we got through it.

It is now September of 2023, and COVID infections are on the rise. How do I know? Well, someone close to me tested positive and I was lucky enough to spend the whole day with that person. That means it is highly likely that I was exposed to COVID. Not looking forward to getting COVID again.

What is in store for you. Fall Welcome is right around the corner. Will you be arriving at campus just in time to lock down again? Who knows. Will have to see what happens.

But you can be careful and you can be prepared. Perhaps just a break from end-of-summer activities and a little “alone time” is just what the doctor ordered.

Taking a Break

If you feel like taking a break and giving yourself that buffer to keep yourself from becoming ill, here are some things to consider.

1. Meditation

One way to give your self some T.L.C. is to meditate. Research has found that meditation can decrease blood pressure and heart rate, which is helpful in reducing stress. Meditation can also help with increased focus and decrease in mind wandering when you have a task at hand. Focusing while working or studying from home can be very challenging for some. There are all kinds of different websites or apps that offer guided meditation, but an example of one to try out is called Headspace. They have guided meditations for stress & anxiety, sleep, and movement.

2. Skincare Routine

Wash your face! Aside from your usual routine of using cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, you can elevate your skincare experience by including a mud mask like this list of options. Or even use a paper mask like these ones. You can make the skincare routine a relaxing experience by lighting a candle or turning on a wax warmer and listening to calm music. Most masks, depending on the instructions, usually have you wear the mask from 15-20 minutes. While waiting for the mask to work its magic for 15-20 minutes, you could lie down on your back and close your eyes for a quick nap, run a hot bath and put a bath bomb in the bathtub and do a soak, or multi-task around your apartment while wearing the face mask.

3. Sleep

More than ever, if you are showing any symptoms, take this time during quarantine to take care of yourself. Your body needs rest. Research shows that getting good sleep can improve immunity, concentration and productivity among lots of other health benefits. The number of hours recommended on average for most sleep studies is around 8 hours every night. And perhaps you may need more if your body is battling symptoms of allergies, cold, flu, or even COVID-19. It is very important to listen to your body, especially if it needs sleep.

4. Workout from Home

There are lots of ways you can get a workout in without having to leave your home. Luckily for the Davis, CA community, there are local workout studios that are offering virtual workouts online without needing any equipment. Check out the Fit House Davis Ying Yoga class or the Fusion/Bootcamp class on YouTube. In general, there are videos on YouTube ranging from yoga to high intensity interval training (HIIT). There are even apps you can download on your phone such as the Obe Fitness app that has all kinds of options for you to choose from such as Pilates, barre, dance, cardio boxing, and yoga sculpt, both live and on-demand.

5. Video Chat with Friends and Family

The coined term “social distancing” has been thrown around as a hot topic right now. However, you can still be social without having to physically be near someone during this time of quarantine. The uses of FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangout are some examples of platforms to use for video calls. These options are a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. You can also connect with friends and family or people with common interests by using various social media outlets. You can post, direct message, comment, or share on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. There is no need to completely isolate yourself from social interaction while under quarantine.

6. At-Home To-Do List

Have a small mental list of things you tell yourself you’re going to get done around your apartment when you have more time? This is your time to get those items off your at-home to-do list done! Maybe it’s organizing your finances or food pantry. Or starting spring-cleaning a little early by going through all of your clothes and donating your “get rid of” items to charity. In general, be sure you are keeping up on your regular housekeeping. When you do keep up on chores daily, you won’t feel overwhelmed with a dirty apartment. It will also improve your state of mind when your apartment is clean and organized.

7. Board Games & Puzzles

If you have roommates and board games or puzzles at home, that’s the perfect combination of a little social interaction. Games and puzzles get your mind thinking as you’re concentrated on winning a game or completing a puzzle. If you live alone in your apartment with no roommates, there are options for you online to play games in solitude like this puzzle app or these games. Some other ideas of puzzles you put together by yourself are figuring out the Rubik’s cube, play a couple rounds of Sudoku or crossword puzzles. If you and friends or family over video call want to play a game together, you could play charades or Pictionary.

8. Reading

Get ahead with Spring Quarter reading so that you’re that much more prepared for when classes start. Or maybe there’s a book you have wanted to read? Now’s your chance! Order a book online or virtually read it from your phone, computer or tablet. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out what book you want to read next, refer to this Amazon Book Club list for some ideas in various genres. For a small shop option, check out Avid Reader in Davis to order a book. The Avid Reader in Davis, CA offers curbside pick-up and delivery in Yolo County.

9. Recipe Challenge

As you may have seen on the news, a lot of the grocery stores have been picked over of its supply in food and supplies. No need to worry or panic for this link has ideas for easy recipes that only require 3 ingredients that you may already have on hand at home without having to go to the store. Or perhaps you recently bought a lot of Top Ramen thinking that you would be just fine eating that for several days. Let’s be honest with ourselves, are you really fine with eating just Top Ramen after your 10th cup of it in a row? Check out this list of ideas for recipes to make using Top Ramen as an ingredient. Get your favorite dishes typed out because we are going to be doing a contest for our best resident recipes in our coming Aggie Cookbook blog series.

10. Take up a Hobby

Is there something you have always wanted to do like knitting, lettering, planting, or learning a new language? This is your opportunity to make it happen since you’ve got at least 2 more weeks of time to try out a new hobby and there’s no time like the present. There are even small businesses like AR Workshop Sacramento or Capital City Beads in Sacramento that are offering curbside pick-up or will ship DIY projects that you can do at home as an activity. Another idea is to go through your pins on Pinterest and try to create the things you pinned 2 years ago. It may not end up looking like the pin on Pinterest, but you have time to try it again and perfect it.

11. Watch a Movie or TV show

With Hulu and Netflix or even regular cable, there are lots of options to watch your favorite movie from your TV, phone, or computer. You can create your very own movie theater in your room or living room by darkening the lights or pulling curtains, which also could save on the electric bill! Even better, you can make popcorn, snacks, or even treats while watching or make ahead of time so that you can enjoy your TV show or movie.

12. Listen to a Podcast

There are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of podcasts to listen to! From conversational podcasts to storytelling podcasts to even hybrid podcasts, you will definitely find one that best suits your interest! Best part is, if you don’t like it, you can stop listening and skip over to a different one! Between Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify the options are endless for listening to podcasts. What is great about podcasts is that when you hear them, it creates the illusion that you are with someone else in the room while listening, whether that’s listening to a story or hearing a thoughtful conversation.

13. Virtual Travelling

Virtual travelling or virtual visiting can be an option if you want to take a break. During the pandemic, a number of virtual tours and online programming was created to help keep people connected. Much of the programming has since faded away. Take a look around and see what is available. You can look for zoos and aquariums that still offer live streaming of their animal enclosures. Take a look at YouTube. You can probably find an extended nature, beach, travel, or starry night video that will give you the illusion you are not at home.

14. Shop Local

During the quarantine, everyone suffered including most small businesses which will experience an economic hardship due to not being open during its normal work hours. A lot of people believe businesses are wealthy and can continue to operate without customer support. Most pay this month’s bills with this month’s sales and you are likely to see several local places not make it over the next two months.  If you have a favorite restaurant or service in the Davis, CA community, you can support them by going online and purchasing a gift card to use when the quarantine is over, or order an item on their websites. You can even order takeout or delivery from your favorite local restaurants and stores, many will serve you at the front door. Other ways you can show support to the local economy is to leave a review, comment, like and share posts on social media. Our shopping blog has links to all the restaurants and stores across the street.

Just Relax

It certainly was a royal pain before. This time, we are a bit more prepared and certainly have a better understanding of the whole pandemic thing.

We hope these suggestions help you take a break and get some space.

Ultimately, do not panic. If you are feeling sick regardless of COVID-19, cold, flu, or are symptomatic at all, stay home! If necessary, seek medical care.

While you are staying at home, take care of your mental and physical health. We are all in this together and it will be much better as we continue move forward.

If you can think of ways to make our community better, don’t be too shy to share them with us. Many of the improvements like the computers, printers, study rooms and upgraded gym equipment came from resident input. Please feel free to leave Davisville Management Company a review, comment, like, and share our student housing content on Google, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram.

If you need anything or would just like to make a suggestion, you can always reach us at:

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