Perhaps you have a lot of things, have not been able to sort through everything you own, and you do not have enough room in your apartment to store all your stuff?

Rent a storage unit!

Or maybe, you are gearing up to travel abroad for part of your school year and need a place to store your belongings while you are out of the country for your studies or research.

Rent a storage unit!

Another reason to get a storage unit is because most, if not all apartment complexes, in Davis, CA, have structured their leases around the academic schedule at UC Davis. This makes it so leases typically start the beginning of September and end towards the late part of August the following year. This schedule leaves many tenants, specifically those who are moving from one apartment to the next, in an inconvenient predicament. These people may not haveg a place to store their belongings for up to a week, depending on their circumstances. Most apartment complexes cannot promise an apartment on the 1st or 2nd of September (like Davisville Management Company can) and U-Haul truck rentals may charge you large fees or report their truck stolen if you keep it for several days past the return date.

If you are a UC Davis student switching apartments and have nice things or a lot of them, we recommend renting a storage unit. Renting a storage unit to hold your belongings during the apartment change-over period makes the transition much easier. No need to worry about keeping your belongings stored in a truck and getting penalized with extra charges.

One of the issues you will find is that self-storage units are rented quickly at the end of spring and the beginning of summertime. This is when most students, especially students coming out of the dorms, need a place to store their items while they go back home for the summer.

Many people with several roommates and/or when subletting their apartment for the summer ask themselves, “Is my stuff worth having a private, safe and secure spot to store my belongings?”

On the bright side, while having a storage unit available, you can start spring cleaning and going through all your belongings. You can decide on what you may or may not want to bring to your new apartment rental in September. With a self-storage unit, you can also put away those miscellaneous items that you know you need but don’t necessarily need right now, like winter clothes during the summertime.

Either way, at least while renting a storage unit, you have the security knowing you have a place to store your things during your move!

We can recommend a couple of places to rent a storage unit in Davis, CA such as Almondwood Self-Storage and 2nd Street Storage!

Almondwood Self Storage

Almondwood Self-Storage is conveniently located in North Davis on the corner of Alvarado Avenue and Sycamore Lane. If you live at Almondwood Apartments, Almondwood Self-Storage is on the same property! Super convenient for you.

Almondwood Self-Storage is also easily accessible by Unitrans bus routes, G and J, that directly drop off/pick up in front of Almondwood Apartments. There is also a ZipCar station right next to the Unitrans bus stop so you can rent a car to move your belongings.

There are two sizes to choose from, a 48 sq. ft. (6×8) and an 80 sq. ft. (8×10).

Almondwood Self-Storage is outdoors, and all storage units are single-story with easy drive-up access with your car or moving truck. You can park and load/unload right next to your unit or close to it.

Almondwood Self-Storage offers month-to-month leasing with a 30-day rental minimum.

All storage units are on a first come, first serve basis. There is no waitlist or reservations at Almondwood Self-Storage.

For more information on pricing and availability, call our knowledgeable staff at 530-753-2115. You can email your inquiries to

2nd Street Storage

2nd Street Storage is easily located in East Davis on Second Street between Downtown Davis and Target, near the police station, and along the railroad tracks. Just look for the big orange building!

2nd Street Storage is known to be the cooler, cleaner, indoor storage solution. There are a variety of storage sizes to choose from; ranging from 20 sq. ft. up to 500+ sq. ft. In terms of quantity, there are more of the 45 sq. ft. (9 x 5) and the 100 sq. ft. (10 x 10) units.

Storage lockers at 2nd Street Storage do rent up quickly, so it helps to call ahead and put yourself on their waitlist. When a storage unit becomes available, the rental management will give you a call to let you know that a unit, in the size of your choice, is available to rent.

There is a parking lot and a big bay area to pull your car or moving truck into, unload your stuff. No need to move your belonging through the rain or hot sun. Use the convenient carts at the facility to move your items from the car to your storage unit.

2nd Street Storage has two floors and very accessible to get to the second floor by either going up the stairs on either side of the building, or by using the elevator near the bay area. To access the building, storage tenants are given a key fob to enter the facility and the second floor by stairs or elevator if your storage unit is located on the second floor.

Another great perk about 2nd Street Storage is the ability to buy packing and moving supplies at the office. There are a variety of box sizes, box styles, tape, bubble wrap, locks, packs of packing peanuts, mattress covers, rope, dust covers, dish/glass packing sets, wine shippers, and much more!

For more information on renting a storage unit at 2nd Street Storage, call our helpful staff at 530-757-7867 or email your inquiries at

Keep your Belongings Secure

When you rent from either Almondwood Storage or 2nd Street Storage, the management asks that you bring your own lock at the lease signing for your new unit. That way your storage unit is secure. You can use a lock that you already own, purchase a lock at the 2nd Street Storage office, or even go to the local hardware store, Davis Ace, to purchase a lock.

Are you looking for an affordable and well maintained off-campus student apartment? You should look at Aggie Square Apartments, Almondwood Apartments, and Fountain Circle Townhomes as your next off-campus student apartment! For more information on renting an off-campus student apartment in Davis, CA, give us a call at 530-758-5800.