Press Release: Donut Day
Updated: May 11, 2020

At least it was Donut Day recently at Aggie Square Apartments, Almondwood Apartments, and Fountain Circle Townhomes. The Property Manager’s at the respective properties wanted to make their tenants feel special and appreciated during the coronavirus epidemic with the priority always being the health and safety of their tenants.

Almondwood Apartments Donut Day Sign

It is easy for students to find the donuts at Almondwood Apartments. Grab a treat and head back to the apartment for distance learning at UC Davis.

Typically, when the Property Manager’s host an event, they are socially fun to attend to for residents to meet their neighbors and visit with friends. However, the coronavirus has changed things a bit and the Property Manager’s had to get creative on how to create a socially distant event. Donuts were the answer because, let’s be honest, donuts make everything better!

Almondwood Apartments Donut Day

Donuts and juice for tenants at Almondwood Apartments.

To promote social distancing during the coronavirus epidemic, face masks were worn, which are now required by local law to wear. In addition to, having tape marked off every 6 ft. apart to prevent congregations of people at once. Sanitation stations were provided with individually packed wipes to take home with the tenants and their roommates. Almondwood Apartments Manager, Kati McGlothern, noticed that, “residents were very mindful of wearing their masks and sanitized their hands before coming up to the window and were very respectful of the social distancing guidelines.”

Fountain Circle Townhomes Donut Day

Fountain Circle Townhomes tenants are treated to donuts and juice on donut day.

The Donut Days were hosted on Wednesday, April 29 for Almondwood and Fountain Circle from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Aggie Square hosted their Donut Day on Thursday, April 30 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Both days provided great weather to enjoy a little outside time, take a short jaunt to visit the office, and pick-up a sweet treat for all the “a-glaze-ing” tenants.

Almondwood Apartments Donut Day

Students loved the sweet treats and juice for breakfast courtesy of Davisville Management Company.

The donuts were ordered at the local Safeway bakery at The Marketplace shopping center and Pink Dozen Donuts in Davis, CA. Supporting local businesses was an important factor for all the Managers at Aggie Square, Almondwood, and Fountain Circle when ordering the donuts to promote the local economy during the coronavirus epidemic.

There were three kinds of fluffy, delicious donuts that were offered. The tenants had their choice of a glazed, maple, and chocolate icing flavors. For beverages, ice cold Sunny-D orange juices were provided. Talk about tasty and refreshing!

Fountain Circle Townhomes Donut Day

Directional signs point the way to Donut Day at Fountain Circle Townhomes. Keep your mask on and stay 6 feet apart.

Fun Fact: Although many countries have created their own adaptation of the donut, many sources have credited the early Dutch settlers for bringing the delicious treat to America. Back then, the Dutch called them “olykoeks” which loosely translates to “oily cakes”. Over time, donuts have become an American staple as a morning pastry.

Without question, the tenants went nuts for the donuts because Fountain Circle Townhomes went through 17 dozen donuts, Aggie Square Apartments went through 10 dozen donuts, and Almondwood Apartments went through 8 dozen donuts.

Almondwood Apartments ready for Donut Day

Donuts ready for the UC Davis students living in off-campus housing. Quite the treat.

Fountain Circle Townhomes Manager, Nico Marquette noticed that, “the residents were appreciative of the donuts and the overall event thrown by Management.” The appreciation is rather mutual since the Property Manager’s at Aggie Square, Almondwood, and Fountain Circle donut know what they would do without their tenants!

To keep up on future property events, be sure to look out for texts, e-mails, and social media posts on Facebook and Instagram from Aggie Square Apartments, Almondwood Apartments, and Fountain Circle Townhomes! For more information on leasing, please visit our FAQ page.