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Testimonial Video Transcript


My name is Alex and I live in Fountain Circle Davis California.

This is my second year living here because I love it so much.

there is so much they have to offer.

Fountain Circle is a great community. It’s very quiet.
It’s easy to study.
Way better than living at the dorms which is the other alternative.

We lived here because our apartment is big. We have a lot of rooms.

The rent is affordable.

I like to just hang out at my apartment and have people over and we have movie night and we also have like cooking nights.

The weekends are fun here. People are very friendly
Our neighbor. We know our neighbors very well.
Great like jogging routes you know and they have like a huge parks so we can play football.

There is so many things right close by. Across the street there is a huge shopping area.

2 minute walking distance there is a coffee shop a bagel store.

Safeway which is a market. CVS a drug store. Petco for the pet lover. Like I like pets.

The management is very friendly.

We’ve had like one problem with our doorbell not working.

And the next day they were at our door in the morning fixing it before we were even ready for them to come.

They have barbecues, pool parties, all sorts of activities.

Lots of my friends live here too and I love studying with my friends hanging out with them.

I study in my room. The complex is very quiet on the weekdays.

They got great bus lines J and which is right outside the Fountain Circle office. So it’s way convenient to go on campus and they run every 10 minutes.

This is my second year living here and I resigned a lease for a third year.

This is the only apartment complex I’ve ever lived in and want to live in because

Fountain Circle …of Davis