Did your planned roommate drop out of school and drop out on you?

Did you transfer to a new school and suddenly find that you need to find a place to live?

All of the apartments in your area rented?

Need someone to sublet for the summer?

Rest assured, you are not the only one. There are always apartment rentals in need of just one more roommate to fill a spot and people looking for a place to live, work, and study. The trick is to connect those two groups of people.

Fountain Circle Townhomes Main Building and Office

Fountain Circle Townhomes is close to the UC Davis campus and across the street from the Marketplace Shopping Center. A popular choice for off-campus rentals

Plans Change

That’s right. Plans do change. You may have been thinking you are all set for the rental year and suddenly your roommate drops out. Or, you moved to Davis in the middle of the rental year and are having difficulty finding your own place to rent. This is not an uncommon scenario.

Planning for college and/or living and working is a challenge. There is a lot of competition when securing housing for the upcoming UC Davis academic school year or finding a place to live in Davis while working in the Sacramento area. You may just find yourself withou a place to stay…just yet.

Davisville Management Company is looking to help you find an apartment to rent, or at least an apartment to share.

Almondwood Apartments Sign

Almondwood Apartments is located on the Unitrans bus routes and also a short bike ride to campus. Great location for UC Davis students.

This is a unique opportunity to rent an apartment in Davis that are in high demand and rent-up fast every year because they have better location, better amenities, and a lower cost per person.

Roommate Finder Services

Away at college and need a roommate? Looking to settle in the Sacramento area? Need an apartment for the coming year? Davisville Management Company offers some great tips for finding a roommate!

Here are some links you can use to find roommates when renting in Davis, CA. Reminder: Davisville Management Company and our partner properties make no claims as to the quality of these provided links. The links are for convenience purposes only and do not constitute and endorsement of the websites or services.

At Davisville Management Company, we rent apartments at rental rates far less than other complexes that use the “rent the room model”. Renting an apartment without the “rent the room model” has the added benefit of being able to choose who you live with.

Find That Perfect Roommate

Still need help finding a roommate? Here is a great article that provides 6 simple steps for finding that perfect roommate.

All our apartment communities, Aggie Square Apartments, Almondwood Apartments, and Fountain Circle Townhomes, offer free parking, free water, sewer, garbage and have no charges for using amenities.

Aggie Square Apartments Davis Pool and Spa

Enjoy off-campus luxury living at Aggie Square Apartments. Pool, spa, bbq’s and more at this convenient UC Davis location.

They are in great Davis locations. Aggie Square Apartments is located across the street from Anderson Plaza Shopping Center. Almondwood Apartments and Fountain Circle Townhomes are both located across the street from the Market Place Shopping Center.

At all our communities, you and your roommate(s) have access to clubhouses, business centers with computers and printers, BBQs, pools, spas, on-site laundry, and fitness rooms. Our apartment rental units have central heating and air conditioning with anti-virus HVAC filters.

In addition to these great amenities, all of our apartment complexes come with complementary 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth Wi-Fi connections with community fiber and bandwidth upgrades scheduled for the Fall.

We recommend reading the following helpful blogs to maximize a successful match for roommates:

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate

How to Find a Roommate That’s a Perfect Fit in 6 Simple Steps

2024 UCD Off-Campus Student Housing

2024 UCD Off-Campus Student Housing

Off-campus student housing for college students wanting to live at the most attractive apartments near UCD, great shopping, dining options, and transportation alternatives.