Apartment Rental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you are new UC Davis student getting ready to rent your first apartment or if you are graduating and moving on to your next stage in life, you are bound to have questions. These are some of the questions we frequently hear and we are certainly glad to answer for you.

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Do you only offer housing to just students?

We offer housing to everyone! Since Davis is a college town, most of our tenants just happen to be undergraduate/graduate students or faculty of UC Davis. Since Davis is so close to Sacramento, many people choose to live here and commute. Renting here is great for both students and active professionals.

Do you have accessible units?

Yes, we do provide accessible units to meet everyone’s needs. Contact our on-site managers to setup an appointment.

Do you charge additional fees for water, sewer, garbage, parking, maintenance, amenities and Wi-Fi?

No. It is customary for apartments in Davis to have additional charges (of up to $100/unit/ month) for one or more of the above items, but we prefer to not “tack on” extra charges. We believe that people are smart enough to consider those costs when comparing various apartment rental communities and that they will appreciate not having a variable hidden financial requirement.

Is there a waitlist for apartments available to lease?

There is no waitlist to reserve units. All apartments are available to lease are on a first-come-first-served basis. Existing residents usually have until a date in the second half of January to decide if they would like to renew. After the existing residents in good standing have been offered an opportunity to continue as a resident, the available apartments are offered to the public. We can add you to our email list and send notifications about pricing, availability, and dates apartments are coming available.

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do offer complimentary Wi-Fi on the property for residents (and guests) who follow our internet terms of service. However, we recommend that you set up your own private Internet for additional security and to maintain uninterrupted service. Comcast is a good choice for Internet access and can be reached at 800-934-6489 to set up an account.

If I have trouble logging onto Wi-Fi, what do I do?

If you are not able to connect to the internet do the following:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. If your computer does not automatically connect to the free wi-fi network, left-click with your mouse pointer on wireless icon in lower-right part of your screen (the system tray) and click on “Connect” for the wireless network you want to connect to (Enter password if needed).
  3. The wireless network status icon will show as not connected on some computers until the next step is completed.
  4. Open your web browser and a guest portal will appear with a checkbox that needs to be selected to connect to the Internet. If you accept the “Terms of Service” click on the submit button to access the Internet.
  5. If you have problems connecting to the internet after completing these steps please contact the manager at your respective apartment complex.

What are the shopping centers across the street from the apartments?

The Marketplace and/or Anderson Plaza are across the street from our apartment communities. Our residents love having everything you need on site or across the street! Perfect for UC Davis students who don’t have much time to get out and shop. Check out this blog post about how awesome the shopping centers are nearby our properties.

How do I find the best off-campus apartment community for me?

Here are some helpful resources from our Student Housing Blog:

What do I need for my first off campus apartment?

Here to help prevent making these “rookie” mistakes is a pretty thorough guide. By the time you finish reading the guide, you’ll know what to do before, during, and after the move. Plus, helpful tips to adjust and fun things you should do to make your first apartment experience a great one!
How do I find roommates so I can get a nicer place at a much lower cost than renting rooms?

When is rent due?

Monthly rent is due on the 1st day of the start of the lease and the 1st of the month thereafter.

How am I able to pay rent?

We accept one payment per apartment in the form of a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. We also offer online payments through our online payment portal called Innago. Using the Innago portal, you can either pay via e-check with no fee or by using a credit card with a 2.75% convenience fee charged by Innago.
What is required at the time of the lease signing?

  • Government issued photo ID (i.e. passport, driver’s license) which includes your birth date.
  • Completed rental application.
  • Security deposit in full in the form of a personal check, cashier’s check or money order.
  • All roommates to be present for signature, if possible.

Is there guest parking?

We do not offer guest parking on any of the properties (aside from designated accessible parking) and encourage guests to take advantage of the free parking located along Alvarado Ave.

Am I allowed to park on the street?

Yes, you can park on the street. We encourage parking along the street for vehicles without a parking permit. It is important to let your guests know that towing is a possibility for any unauthorized vehicles who park in the complex’s parking lot without a parking permit.

Is there laundry on site?

Yes, there are laundry rooms on site at Aggie Square, Almondwood, and Fountain Circle with washers and dryers.

At Almondwood Apartments, they offer a convenient method of payment for washing and drying by paying through the WASH-Connect app with your debit/credit card. When using the app, it is $2.00 to wash and $1.75 to dry and additional fees may apply. Best part? The app notifies you when the machine is done with the washing or drying!

What is the pet policy?

Per the House Rules & Regulations, no animals are permitted to reside on the premises at any time without prior written approval from Landlord. Tenants must make sure that guests/visitors do not bring animals, animal paraphernalia, animal bedding, etc. of any type onto the property for any length of time. If you wish to have a pet live with you on property, be sure to speak with the Property Manager to obtain the necessary paperwork and arrangements that need to be made prior to bringing your pet on property. Most of the management are dog lovers. Our policy against dogs to live in the apartments was made with the dog’s best interest in mind. The apartments do not have proper amenities (like a private yard) to support a healthy loving environment for our canine friends.

Aggie Square Apartments Davis Pool and Spa

Enjoy off-campus luxury living at Aggie Square Apartments. Pool, spa, bbq’s and more at this convenient UC Davis location.


How do I set up my PG&E account?

To set up PG&E, you can either go to their website and click on “Start or Stop Service” and follow the instructions or call PG&E directly at 800-743-5000.

What happens if my apartment needs minor maintenance repairs?

Fill out the Work Order form online by going to your property’s website and clicking on the “Submit Work Order” link in the navigation menu. Complete and submit the form. You can also call the on-site leasing office directly during normal business hours to report any concerns.

What do I do when I’m locked out of my apartment outside of office hours?

If you have roommates, try calling to see if they are home or will be home soon. Then, hang out in the Clubhouse while you wait for your roommate.

What do I do in the case of an emergency outside of office hours?


For safety issues, emergency maintenance issues, or property damage mitigation, please call the maintenance emergency line.

Maintenance Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Aggie Square Apartments: 530-400-8146
  • Almondwood Apartments: 530-400-8160
  • Fountain Circle Townhomes: 530-400-8170

What if I want to get out of my lease?

Contacting your on-site Property Manager to discuss your options is the best first step. The worst mistakes happen when people sign a second lease while they are obligated under an existing lease.

Replacement roommates and/or replacement residents for the whole apartment can be found. Management is willing to assist in the process by marketing and/or offering the apartment to the public if all the residents have signed a permission to re-rent the apartment. Because of the nature of the rental seasons in Davis, replacements are easiest before September or at the start of the new year.

How does subleasing work?

First, you would either come into the office or e-mail to notify Management that you are wanting to sublease your apartment. There are 2 forms that are required to be completed before your sub-tenant can be approved and moves in.

  • Form #1: Sublease Agreement would need to be filled out by sub-landlord and roommates (if applicable).
  • Form #2: Rental Application would need to be filled out by the sub-tenant.

Also, you need to have your sub-tenant come into the office and provide photo I.D. for us to copy and to have the sub-tenant read carefully and sign the House Rules and Regulations.

What are the steps I need to take in order to rent out the Clubhouse?

Reservations for the Clubhouse must be made 48 hours in advanced with your Property Manager. The items needed to fulfill and confirm reservation is a completed Clubhouse Rental Agreement which can be found in the leasing office and a refundable $150 deposit made by check. The deposit will only be returned (in full) if the facility is found in the same condition in which it was received.

What do I need in order to obtain a parking permit?

When you request a parking permit, we ask that you bring your current vehicle registration, current proof of car insurance, and Driver’s License to the office. Then, the office staff will give you a Parking Permit form for you to complete. Once all the steps are completed, you will receive the parking permit sticker.

At Aggie Square the parking permit needs to be placed on the back of the rear-view mirror. This is so that when checking for parking permits, we can see the parking permit through the front windshield.

At Almondwood and Fountain Circle, the parking permit needs to be placed on the bottom left of the windshield.

** Note: You are only allowed one parking permit per tenant which is only eligible for one car. If you own and plan to have more than one car, you will be required to make other accommodations for your additional car(s). Parking permits are not transferable between more than one car. If you end up selling your car and getting a new one, don’t forget to take the parking permit sticker off the car you are no longer keeping and get a new parking permit for your new car.

How does the Move-In process work?

Prior to move-in, all residents moving in will receive a Move-In letter via email outlining the necessary steps to do prior to moving into your new apartment. The most important items in the letter are:

  • A move-in appointment is required for only the first person or persons moving into the apartment whether you move in at the start date of your lease or after the start of your lease.
  • Setting up a Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) account is required prior to setting up a move-in appointment. Once you have PG&E transferred into the name of one of the residents listed on the lease, please provide the account number and the name under which you have established the account to Management when making the move-in appointment. When setting up the PG&E account, please make sure to have the effective date start the first day of your lease start date.
  • The first month’s rent is due at the start date of your rental agreement regardless of your actual move-in date. The first month’s rent must be paid in full prior to the first person getting keys to the apartment.
  • Management requires you to consult with an insurance agent to obtain renter’s insurance to protect yourself and your personal property against loss or liability.
Almondwood Apartments in Davis CA Workout Room

A spacious and modern workout room is available for tenants and an active UC Davis Aggie lifestyle.

Moving Out

When does my lease end?

Per the terms of the lease, you are required to be out of your apartment no later than 8:00 AM (PST) on August 30th.

What do I do with my items if I have a couple days between my old and new lease?

The in-between time frame of moving out of your old apartment and moving into your new apartment is a common occurrence among most Davis renters during the end of August and beginning of September. Some options you can do with your items is rent a storage unit, rent a U-Haul truck/trailer, ask to store items with a friend, rent a storage pod, stay at a friend’s house, stay at a hotel, etc. Whatever path you choose, you should plan early as reservations for storage and places to stay overnight will book up quickly in the Davis area. Staying in an apartment after the lease ends in any community should be avoided because it can have significant negative financial consequences, especially if it disrupts the scheduled move in for the next residents.

Recommendations for Storage in Davis

Almondwood Storage
1212 Alvarado Ave
Davis, CA 95616

Second Street Storage
2525 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618

How do I prepare for my move-out?

A detailed move-out packet is posted to the clips of each door AND e-mailed to the units turning over. It is the responsibility of all roommates to read the packet thoroughly and carefully as there is important information to ensure a smooth move-out experience come August 30. The purpose of the move-out packet is to prepare you for your move-out that includes a vendor price list, cleaning checklist, preliminary move-out inspection sign-up sheet (to be submitted to the leasing office), forwarding address form (required to be submitted to the leasing office), and additional important information.

How do I get my security deposit back?

Many residents do get all or most of their security deposits back. The basic rule is to leave the apartments as clean as it was at the beginning of the lease. This blog post has lots of information that will help you get your security deposit back.

How does the Move-Out process work?

A final move-out inspection will take place after 8:00 AM (PST) on August 30. You are not required to be present at the final move-out inspection. If you choose not to be present for the final move-out inspection, please collect all keys issued (house, mail & common) in an envelope with the unit number and either bring it to the office or leave on kitchen counter.

Please also make sure your apartment has submitted to the Manager’s office a forwarding address for the security deposit. The Security Deposit will be returned in the form of one check, mailed to the forwarding address provided, and payable to the person whose name appears on the lease designated as the recipient.

Am I able to set up an early checkout for my move-out at the end of my tenancy?

Yes, we allow early checkouts for move-outs at the end of tenancy. If you are the last person in your household to move-out and will be vacating your apartment prior to the last day of your Residential Lease Agreement, we require an appointment for a final move-out inspection with Management. It is not required for you to be present for the final move-out inspection. If you choose not to be present for the final move-out inspection, please collect all keys issued (house, mail & common) in an envelope with the unit number and either bring it to the office or leave on kitchen counter.

What if my apartment wants to change the recipient of the security deposit?

All changes to agreements in the State of California require a writing signed by all the parties. Management can prepare documents to handle changes to the designated person for security deposit, change in roommates, etc.

When will I get my security deposit refund check?

The security deposit refund check will be returned in the form of one check and will include an itemization of any charges and copies of invoices for any vendor charges. The security deposit refund check is payable to the person whose name appears on the lease that was elected to receive it and will be post-marked/mailed via USPS to the forwarding address given to Management within 21 days after the move-out date.

How do I dispute or request additional information relating to charges on my security deposit accounting?

For all security deposit disputes, please e-mail Janna Buccieri at janna@davisapartmentsforrent.com.

Good communication resolves most issues and it is important to us for everyone to feel that they were treated fairly. We want everyone to move on to the next phase of their life with fond memories of their time with us.

If you have additional question, please feel free to contact us using the form below. We’re here to help.

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The Aggie Square Community room is available to tenants for small gatherings and events. Check with management on availability and requirements.

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