Apartment Availability
2020-2021 UC Davis School Year
Fountain Circle Townhomes front office near UC Davis
Image of Fountain Circle Townhomes Kitchen
Image of Fountain Circle Townhomes Bedroom
Photograph of Fountain Circle Townhomes Office and Parking lot in Davis
Fountain Circle Townhomes Pool Spa Area
Contact Information
Fountain Circle Townhomes
1213 Alvarado Avenue , Davis, California 95616, United States
Detailed Information
Floor Plan Style:
Square Footage:
1,524 sq. ft.
Rental Price:
$2,900 mo.
Bathroom Style:
Shared, Split-bathroom
Patio (downstairs), Pool, Spa, BBQ Area, Fitness Center, Study Area, Clubhouse, Computer Lab, On-Site Laundry, Central Heat and Air, Free High-Speed Wi-Fi, Free Off-Street Parking
Nearby Shopping:
Marketplace Shopping Center
Unitrans Bus Routes:
G Route (MU), J Route (Silo)
Note: Any dimensions or square footage information is approximate. Our on-site facility managers will gladly help you with any questions about apartment layouts, dimensions, and square footage. Apartment rental pricing subject to change.