People have been talking about the recent remodels, facility improvements, landscape upgrades, and other work taking place at Fountain Circle Townhomes, Almondwood Apartments, and Aggie Square Apartments.

Over the summer, Davisville Management Company, started a number of projects which included significant upgrades at the apartment complexes they manage and getting the apartments ready for the new class of incoming UC Davis students.

Although renovations started at the beginning of the summer, to get them completed by the beginning of the coming school year and have the apartments ready for incoming UC Davis students, the planning process started over a year ago at the beginning of the previous school year.

The upgrade process started by listening to feedback from residents about what needs to be improved around each apartment complex. This helps Davisville determine which updates are best implemented in each round of physical and operational improvements throughout the year.

Here is summary of upgrades taking place at each of the apartment complexes.

Fountain Circle Townhomes

At Fountain Circle Townhomes, Davisville has been hard at work installing new pool fencing, landscaping the grounds, and adding ADA upgrades to make the property user-friendly for those with physical challenges.

Fountain Circle Townhomes Study Lounge

Computers, printers, and a comfortable study area makes Fountain Circle Townhomes a great choice for UC Davis students.

The remodeled clubhouse and bathrooms are getting a lot of complements. Having a comfortable and well-maintained shared space is perfect for the apartment lifestyle. A refreshing change after living on-campus.

Monica H. said, “The new study tables with the USB ports are a great addition to the study area and the faster Wi-Fi is awesome.”

Peleton bicycle image

Peleton bicycles along with subscriptions can be found at Aggie Square Apartment, Almondwood Apartments,, and Fountain Circle Townhomes.

Lila M. mentioned that, “she loved the new treadmills and the Peloton bike subscription so she can experience real-time workouts with her favorite trainers around the world.”

Almondwood Apartments

This year, Almondwood Apartments finished updates to the clubhouse, study area, and business lab. The modern touches make these areas a great place to spend time working together with classmates.

Also completed this summer were upgrades to the fitness area. The fitness area remodel included new high-end exercise equipment and flooring making it a great place to stay fit without having to pay for club access.

Almondwood Apartments fitness center

Newly remodeled fitness center at Almondwood Apartments.

The pool area received some attention too. New fencing was added; increasing the size of the pool area. New gas BBQs were installed along with a large shade trellis with a fan – making the pool area a great space for enjoying the outdoors. The best part…no extra charges to use the new outdoor equipment.

Many of the tenants also noticed the major increase in Internet speed. The increased bandwidth is the result of a new fiber-optic cable installation. Now, students can enjoy “blazing fast” Internet access over the complimentary WiFi.

Geri told us that, “she loves the new Wi-Fi horsepower! And she appreciates that the management keeps making improvements that make her college life better.”

Erika R. said, “I lived in Almondwood Apartments for 5 years, between 2013 and 2018. This is a family-owned property-management group and the level of care they put into their properties really shows.

“I was really impressed how each year they would improve the property in one major way,” continued Erika. “In my 5 years they redid the landscaping, repainted the whole property, replaced bike racks, and completely renovated the common area. Really made me feel like my rent wasn’t just being pocketed and that this company really cares about its residents.”

Erika also mentioned, “The manager, Kati, is wonderful and extremely helpful. She really works hard to find solutions where everyone can be satisfied. During my time there I also got to know the head maintenance, Ignacio. It was securing knowing the person coming to fix your place was always the same.”

Aggie Square Apartments

The residents of Aggie Square Apartments often communicate their suggestions on what to improve with the management team.
The comments are reviewed, prioritized, acted upon to enhance the community and to better meet the needs of its residents.

When asked what kind of improvements have been made at Aggie Square Apartments in the last couple of years, Greg McNece revealed, “[Aggie Square Apartments] installed new quieter and more efficient air conditioning units, updated sections of the grounds to include new drought tolerant landscaping, new common area solar power, remodeled the clubhouse by updating the floors and a kitchen remodel, new study tables with USB hookups, added a Peloton exercise bike with the full workout subscription so students can take real-time spin classes, added additional security cameras to improve safety, installed fencing on three sides of the complex to keep people who don’t belong on-site from walking through as a shortcut to shopping and restaurants across the street, and increased the bandwidth of the free Wi-Fi. This month alone, we remodeled ten percent of the apartments to the deluxe level with new cabinets and appliances, granite countertops and much more.”

Aggie Square Apartments Computer Lab

Aggie Square Apartments in Davis provides two computers and printers for tenants to use in the computer lab.

Rachael A. had a lot to say about Aggie Square, “If you’re considering Aggie Square let me help you. I have been living here for 3 years so I feel I have a decent understanding of the apartment complex.”

Here are some points that Rachel makes:

  1. Fantastic Management- the on-site management is super helpful and friendly. If you have a problem, the turnaround to get it fixed is quick. We had a sink emergency during Christmas break and was able to call and get it fixed first thing the next morning. Not only this, but the apartment managers are incredibly friendly and truly desire for their residents to enjoy their stay.
  2. Community – this might not be high on your list, but it should be. The management puts on “community events” about 3 times a year that include food, music, raffle prizes and time to get to know other people. This is, of course, above and beyond what most other apartment complexes do.
  3. The living rooms are large! This is great because it leaves space for a variety of things: multiple couches for a place to hang out, desk or two, tv stand and other furniture. It is not crowded at all.
  4. Constant Improvement – the Aggie Square Management has looked to improve their facilities every year we have been here with pool, common room, workout space, and kitchen renovations.

“If you’re considering Aggie Square,” Rachel continued, “just stop by. You’ll experience the excellent management, friendly people, and fantastic amenities – it speaks for itself.”

As much as the students enjoy the location and on-site amenities Aggie Square Apartments has to offer, they also appreciate the extra effort made by management to promote socialization among its residents.

Resident Sarah S. mentioned, “Every once in a while, [Aggie Square Apartments] puts on appreciation days for their tenants and do free breakfast or a chili feed. They even remembered I was a vegetarian after the first time I mentioned it at one of the dinners!”

It’s clear that the Aggie Square Apartments management team wants their residents to know that they are valued, appreciated, and believe in the importance of a balanced student lifestyle.

August and September are busy times as turnover comes and goes. As residents move out, showers and floor coverings in a number of the rental units are being replaced, giving the apartments a more modern look. The apartments are then readied for students to move in.

Aggie Square Apartments Study Area

Open and spacious study area at Aggie Square Apartments.

In addition to the maintenance and updates, the painting and cleaning of the rental units is completed during a marathon weekend of activity. Management is in work “full work mode” to make sure the apartments are clean and well-maintained so they will be ready to warmly welcome the newest members to our apartment communities.

Based upon resident suggestions last year, all apartment communities have implemented the Innago payment program which allows rent to be paid online using bank transfers and/or credit cards. This new payment features really simplifies the process and makes it much easier for tenants to pay their rent.

The new school year is starting this month and so the upgrade process repeats itself. Davisville Management Company is seeking suggestions from the residents for their wish list of things that can be done to improve how the apartments can better cater to their needs and wants.

Suggestion for improvements or other ideas which the residents would enjoy, please email your on-site manager, or give your apartment complex a 5-star Google review with your suggestion included.

Davisville Management Company wants to hear your ideas for next year’s wish list.