UPDATED: October 12, 2020

Notice: Since this article was originally posted, there have been changes to the businesses at the Marketplace Shopping Center.

Rountable Pizza is closed and has been replaced with Mountain MIke’s Pizza.

During shelter-in-place, you may find yourself either trying to avoid going to the grocery store or do not feel like making a meal. Well, the perfect solution is to support local Davis restaurants and businesses by doing curbside takeout or having your food delivered right to your front door!

There are delivery services such as Postmates, DoorDash, and Grubhub ready to bring you delicious meals from places near your off-campus apartment. By downloading the app on your phone, you can scroll through and have dishes from your favorite Davis local restaurant delivered right to your front door.

Another option to find out if your local restaurant is open for business during shelter-in-place is to go onto the Davis Chamber of Commerce website and click here for a full list of Businesses Open during COVID-19 in Davis, CA.

At Anderson Plaza located across the street from Aggie Square Apartments, there are a variety of options to choose from that will let you either order by phone or online and have you come get your food at the restaurant or the restaurant or a 3rd party service will deliver your food right to your front door!

  • ChickPeas Kitchen is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern style cuisine with a gluten-free and vegan friendly menu. ChickPeas Kitchen is available to order by phone at 530-753-3729 for takeout from the restaurant or have it delivered by downloading the Grubhub app and having your food from ChickPeas Kitchen delivered to you.
    Photograph of ChickPeas Shawarma & Falafel

    ChickPeas Shawarma & Falafel in Anderson Plaza is only a quick walk from Aggie Square Apartments. Generous portions and very delicious.

  • Ding How Restaurant is a local Davis authentic Chinese food restaurant that offers a vegetarian-friendly menu and available to order by phone at 530-753-3590 for takeout from the restaurant.
    Photograph of Ding How Chinese Cuisine

    Ding How Chinese Cuisine has been in Davis for many years and is a favorite of UC Davis students and locals alike. Just a short walk from Aggie Square Apartment and located in Anderson Plaza Shopping Center. Just one of the many food choices available near your off-campus apartment.

  • Fire Wings is an American food style restaurant best known for their chicken wings offering over 20 wing sauce flavors, but also offer a variety of different sides and meals to choose from. Fire Wings is available by calling the restaurant at 530-220-1310 to pick up your order at the restaurant. Or you can have your meal delivered to you by downloading either the DoorDash or Grubhub apps.
  • I Love Sushi is a sushi and Asian kitchen serving fresh to order items. You can call I Love Sushi at 530-758-4560 or go onto their website and place an order for takeout from the restaurant.
    Photograph of I Love Sushi Restaurant

    The I Love Sushi restaurant located in Anderson Plaza shopping center. The place to go for sushi. Right across the street from Aggie Square Apartments.


  • Papa Murphy’s offers build-your-own, takeaway pizzas to be cooked in the oven at home. Call the Papa Murphy’s phone number at 530-753-3999 to have your order ready for takeout at the restaurant or order from DoorDash to have your order delivered right to your front door.
  • Taqueria Guadalajara specializes in home-style, authentic, Mexican cuisine. Orders are available by phone at 530-297-4000 to takeout your order from the restaurant or order from Postmates to have your meal delivered to your doorstep.
    Photograph of Guadalajara Taqueria, Fire Wings, and Papa Murphy's Pizza

    Guadalajara Taqueria, Fire Wings, and Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza located in the Anderson Plaza shopping center. Three delicious choices for hungry UC Davis Students. A quick walk from Aggie Square Apartments.

At the Marketplace located across the street from Almondwood Apartments and Fountain Circle Townhomes there are many options to choose from when deciding on what to eat while supporting restaurants in Davis, CA.

  • Dos Coyotes Border Café is a local Davis restaurant serving Mexican and Southwestern style dishes that offers lite, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly menus. To order your next meal at Dos Coyotes, you can call the restaurant at 530-758-1400 or order on their website to pick up your food. In addition, you can use the Grubhub app to order and have your food delivered to you at your home.
    Dos Coyotes at the Marketplace Shopping Center

    Serving delicious Mexican and Southwestern favorites in North Davis, CA since 1991…at this location.

  • Gong Cha Tea Shop serves made-to-order drinks and the ability to choose toppings, sweetness, and ice level in your beverages. Gong Cha Tea Shop specializes in boba teas and other milk and sparkling teas. To order from Gong Cha, you can go to their website or call them at 530-231-5060 to place an order for takeout. Another option is to either use the Gong Cha website or go onto DoorDash to place an order and have it delivered to your apartment.
    Gong Cha in the Marketplace Shopping Center

    If you like boba tea, Gong Cha is only a few steps from both Almondwood Apartments and Fountain Circle Townhomes.

  • Jamba Juice is a smoothie place and shop that makes smoothies, bowls, and juices. You can opt to do contactless delivery by ordering on the Jamba Juice website or going on to the DoorDash app. Or you can order on the Jamba Juice website and pick up at the smoothie shop.
    Jamba Juice

    Fresh, delicious smoothie from Jamba Juice are a great for lunch, dinner, or a special treat. Within walking distance from Fountain Circle Townhomes and Almondwood Apartments.

  • Noah’s NY Bagels is known for their fresh-baked bagels and signature breakfast and lunch sandwiches. To order your meal from Noah’s NY Bagels, you can go onto their website to place an order for takeout, or you can have your order delivered to your place by using the DoorDash app.
  • Peet’s Coffee specializes in coffee roasting, but also serves other beverages like tea and other food items like baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, and snacks on-the-go. You can order ahead by going onto their website for a takeout order or use the DoorDash app to have your coffee and food delivered to you directly.
    Peet's Coffee and Noah's Bagels

    Bagels and coffee to go from Peet’s Coffee and Noah’s Bagels in the Marketplace Shopping Center.

  • Panda Express is a Chinese food restaurant that has made it very convenient and easy to order from their menu. You can go onto their website and order your meal to pick up at the restaurant. Or you can download the Panda Express app and have your order delivered directly to you.
    Panda Express at Marketplace Shopping Center

    Panda Express, located in the Marketplace Shopping Center, is a popular location for UC Davis students and locals alike. Fresh and fast.

  • Round Table Pizza is a pizzeria that specializes in pizzas and appetizers. They also offer a gluten-free crust option! Available to order by going onto their website and ordering online or call Round Table Pizza at 530-756-1000 to have your food either ready for takeout or delivered to your off-campus apartment.
    Round Table Pizza

    Available for Take-out and delivery. UC Davis students can have pizza delivered right to their door.

  • Togo’s is a sandwich shop that offers build-your-own sandwiches and salads made to order. To place an order with Togo’s, go onto their website to have your sandwich ready for takeout or use the DoorDash app to place your sandwich order for delivery.
    Togo's Great Sandwiches at the Marketplace

    Need some sandwiches to go? Stop by Togo’s Great Sandwiches. Just a brief walk from both Almondwood Apartments and Fountain Circle Townhomes.

You may be overwhelmed by all the options that Davis restaurants have to offer, especially with the convenience of those restaurants being directly across the street from your front door. Have no fear for you can start with supporting your favorite restaurants first and then work your way to the restaurants you have not tried out before. If you are not able to support local Davis restaurants, be sure to support in other ways like commenting, liking, and sharing posts on social media. Or better yet, write your favorite business in Davis, CA a review on Google or Yelp.

If you are looking for the best apartments in Davis, look no further than checking out Aggie Square Apartments, Almondwood Apartments, and Fountain Circle Townhomes located on Alvarado Avenue. For more information on convenient amenities at your next off-campus apartment, check out this post on The Alvarado Strip in North Davis.