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Use our Apartment Rental Contact Form to request more information about our three select UC Davis student housing locations. We can certainly provide you with more information about Davis apartments for rent. The form is easy to use. Simply complete the form using your name, phone number, and email. Only your email address is required when sending us your rental information request.

Also be sure to check the box(es) next to the apartment complex(es). This will help us get you the information you are looking for. Choose from our three off-campus locations that cater specifically to UC Davis students:

All three Davis apartment rental facilities are located in north Davis, which provides easy access to transportation, shopping, parks, and most importantly, the UC Davis Campus.

Apartment Tours

Don’t hesitate. Schedule an apartment tour today. You can use the form to email us or you can call us at (530) 758-5800. Apartment rentals in Davis disappear quickly, especially in the spring as UC Davis students start looking for housing options for the coming year. You don’t want to settle when renting apartments in Davis. Be sure you are at the of your class and at the top of the list when renting your apartment for the coming year.

When you tour our Davis apartment rentals, we will make every effort to answer all your questions. Be sure that you come prepared. Bring plenty of questions for our apartment managers. Our managers are extremely knowledgeable about our apartment complexes. They are more than willing to share their experiences in renting to UC Davis students. The more you know, the better it is for you when selecting where you want to live. No sense in re-inventing the wheel here. Let Davisville Management Company help you pick the right apartment for you.

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