Apartments in Davis! We offer the most attractive Davis apartment rentals and UCD student housing for UCD students who choose to live at the best apartment complexes in Davis. We have rentals next to the best shopping and transportation in Davis. Experienced UC Davis students rent apartments in North Davis. Everything they need is located at the apartments or just across the street.

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Dear Aggie,

I always seem to have a very difficult time finding a place to park where I live. Why is this, and what can I do about it?

— Desperately seeking parking

Dear Desperately,

Typically, the closer you live to the UC Davis campus, the more likely it is that parking becomes a problem as the City planned the old complexes based on students riding bicycles with many not owning a car. Before you rent your next apartment, might I suggest that you check out housing in the North area where most complexes have ample, well-lighted parking. Take a look at the parking situation of a place you are interested in not only in the day time, but in the evening as well and you should get an accurate picture of the parking situation.

Dear Aggie,

I’m beginning my last year of school here, and will be leaving right after graduation for a short vacation. If I sign a twelve month lease beginning in September, I will be paying for at least two months of rent at the end of my lease when I won’t even be here. What can be done about this?

— Vacating for vacation

Dear Vacating,

A couple of ideas immediately spring to mind. There are many instances where people are looking for short-term housing — quite often just for the few summer months. And sometimes, new students like to get into an apartment early, and beat the rush. Talk to your manager about sub-leasing your apartment, it is very likely that something can be worked out that will benefit you both.

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2024 UCD Off-Campus Student Housing

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