Although Davis offers many activities to fill your days, sometimes a simple day closer to your apartment is all you need. Good thing summertime bliss is just outside your door! Beat the heat and read on for ways you can take advantage of your complex amenities at Aggie Square Apartments, Almondwood Apartments, and Fountain Circle Townhomes as we move from the end of summer and into the Fall!

The early morning breeze creates a cooler environment to exercise outside before the heat of the day sets in. Although taking a stroll at sunrise through the beautiful landscapes and pathways around your apartment complex seems simple, it can leave you feeling refreshed afterward. If you aren’t an early bird, a walk around your apartment complex at sunset is just as beautiful! Take time to enjoy the trees and nature that makes the property bloom. Just outside of the apartment complexes is the Covell Greenbelt, which is a great place to walk, run, bike, skateboard and more! The Covell Greenbelt has several parks and fields for playing sports and getting fresh air. If you are looking for even more scenic views, continue along the Covell Greenbelt pathway to see miles of natural beauty including the North Davis Pond with habitat lookout points and plenty of wildlife. If you are a bird watcher, don’t forget your binoculars.

Aggie Square Apartments in Davis

Aggie Square Apartments pool & BBQ area – photo by Abaton Consulting

Once the sun starts beaming and the weather warms up, is a perfect opportunity to use the pool area at your off-campus apartment complex! Whether it’s relaxing on the swing or a cool down swim in the pool, this area offers many possibilities for entertainment during the summertime. Each of the apartment complexes in North Davis provides a different way to take a dip in the pool. At Aggie Square Apartments, the pool is great for playing volleyball with a beach ball and other pool games! And then at the Almondwood Apartments, the pool offers plenty of length, at 25 meters, for swimming laps. Lastly, at Fountain Circle Townhomes, the pool offers the perfect sun soaking relaxation. You can get roommates, neighbors, or friends together for a barbecue while using the gas barbecues available at all 3 of the off-campus apartment complexes in Davis, CA for even more poolside fun. As the weather cools down, the spa is always a great place to relax and unwind with the warmer water temperature.

Often the heat of Davis summers can be a challenge for those wanting to get a workout into their schedule. Luckily, there is an air-conditioned gym just a small walk away. Even better? No gym membership fee required! The gym is equipped with machines and weights for various workout options that allow you to hit different target areas of your body like your arms, legs, abs, etc. Each gym has a Peloton bike featuring a large amount of virtual guided workouts with world-class trainers. The treadmills and elliptical gives the opportunity for some great cardio to get your heart rate up. The free weights allow you the convenience of creating a workout custom to you with the assorted weight levels provided. Be sure your gym selfies aren’t left out either; there are large wall mirrors to capture your progress!

Another way to cool off is to utilize the clubhouse, which offers a large space outside of your living room to gather with friends! Each clubhouse has a TV hooked for entertainment and long tables offer the perfect space for board games, all in a regularly air-conditioned space. For those taking classes, the Clubhouse is a nice and cool place to get work done too! There are computers and printers available for you use. To use the printers, all you have to bring is paper! At Almondwood Apartments and Aggie Square Apartments you can contact the leasing office for information regarding the kitchen use and even reserving the clubhouse for an event!

So, take note: you don’t have to spend money or travel far to enjoy your summertime. Take advantage of the opportunities that are just a matter of steps outside your door! For more information on renting an off-campus apartment in Davis, CA, call us today at 530-758-5800!

Featured image: Almondwood Apartment BBQ party – photo by Abaton Consulting