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You’ve never heard of the Alavrado Strip?

This comes as a complete surprise. The Alvarado Strip in North Davis is home to many UC Davis students who choose to live in off-campus student apartments. It is the destination location for students who have lived on campus in the dorms for their first year and then wanted to enjoy the off-campus Davis lifestyle. It is also a desirable location for professionals who lead an active lifestyle

Don’t believe me? Just ask around campus.

Check with your colleagues, friends, or fellow students. Ask them if they have heard of the Alvarado Strip.

Better yet, ask if they have lived there and which apartments they lived in.

You will probably find that most of your friends have found a Davis apartment for rent somewhere along The Strip and have spent a number of fun and exciting years going to UC Davis or working in and around Davis while living in one of the best apartment locations in Davis.

Alvarado Ave in North Davis

The Alvarado Strip is the name for Alvarado Avenue located in North Davis. North Davis is the part of town that lies north of West Covell Blvd, east of Highway 113, and west of F Street. Specifically, Alvarado Strip it is a 3/4-mile stretch of road that lies between Sycamore Blvd and Catalina Dr – just one block north of West Covell Blvd. There is even a round-about at the intersection of Anderson Rd and Alvarado Ave which almost bisects the Alvarado Strip and makes it easy to travel from one end to the other.

This place is super easy to find.

  • It is near campus.
  • Easy freeway access for commuting to Woodland, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.
  • Bike path connections nearby
  • Near major roads
  • Serviced by at least two UC Davis Unitrans bus lines

That is right, all the apartments located on this short stretch of road are super convenient to get to.

Great Apartment Rentals on the Alvarado Strip

Alvarado Ave is home to nine different apartment complexes. This provides a number of choices for professionals or UC Davis students  looking for a 1-bedroom apartment in which to live on their own or a 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartment to share with others.

When we talk about professionals, we talk about people who work in larger cities, like Sacramento and the Bay Areas, and want to enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.

When we talk about UC Davis students, we talk about undergrads, transfer students, and graduate students.

These apartments focus on providing housing for UC Davis students and professionals who choose to live in Davis while working in Woodland, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.

And, with so many rental options to choose from, it is important to find the apartments that have the best features and the best price.

Many of the apartments are jam-packed with amenities that make living here fun and exciting. All of them are convenient to shopping, freeways, and the UC Davis campus.

Value and Price

There are three apartment complexes that provide a great balance between value and price. These may even provide the best value for apartment rentals on the entire Alvarado Strip.

Three of the apartment complexes are managed by Davisville Management Company.

These three apartment complexes are loaded with up-to-date amenities.

Here are samples of what you will see at these three apartment locations. Amenities vary by location, so have a look to see what exactly is included.

  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi courtesy of Davisville Management Co.
  • Plentiful lighted free-parking
  • Free water
  • Microwave ovens and dishwashers
  • Cable TV/Internet available
  • Balconies upstairs
  • Split bathroom design — ideal for roommates
  • Central heat and air
  • Clubhouse with social area
  • Fitness center
  • Computer lab/Study room
  • Crystal blue pool
  • Spa
  • Poolside gas BBQs
  • Affordable 24-hour laundry
  • UCD bus stops F, G, & J
  • Across from Anderson Plaza Shopping Center
  • Connected to Greenbelt/parks
  • On bike paths — one mile to UCD campus
  • Quiet friendly atmosphere

Again, the list above is a sample. Amenities vary by location.

Yes, it is amazing what is available at these three properties.

What is even better is that the amenities at each location are included with your monthly rent; no hidden charges. Water, sewer, and garbage service are included at all three apartment complexes

Unbelievable, right?

Don’t take our word for it, check for yourself. Ask your friends what is included with their apartment rentals.

In fact, ask them plenty of questions. It is always good to get other people’s insights before renting an apartment. So if your friends are living off-campus, so use them as a resource and ask plenty of questions.

You may event be surprised at the number of apartments that have “hidden fees” which makes a huge difference when it comes to monthly rent and living comfortably.

You won’t find any of that at the apartment complexes managed by Davisville Management Company.

Visit the Alvarado Strip

If you are looking for an apartment for rent, the Alvarado Strip makes it easy. With nine apartment complexes, you can easily tour each one in less than a day. Since Alvarado Ave is only 3/4 of a mile, you can walk from apartment to apartment.

No need to drive.

Just grab your bike and take a tour. Biking is easy and convenient all along the Alvarado Strip. Apartment complexes have plenty of bike parking which makes getting to school and to shopping super easy.

After you are done, head over to The Market Place or Anderson Plaza to grab a bite to eat. Or, bike over to the greenbelt and relax for a while.

Virtual Tours

All three apartment complexes offer online virtual tours and online photo galleries; making it easy to see what they have to offer. Virtual tours save time while making it easier for you to make the best choice when renting an apartment.

Here are links to virtual tours:

Here are links to photo galleries:


Getting to Campus

College life is easy when living on the Alvarado Strip.

Need to get to campus?

Well, you can certainly drive, but there are way better options for getting to campus when you live in Davis.

The first choice for getting to campus should be bicycle. The apartments on Alvarado Ave are only a mile away from the UC Davis Campus. This makes for a short bike ride. What is even better? Davis is pretty flat. So grab that single-speed cruiser, or fixie. If you have a multi-speed bike, that will do too.

Bicycles come in handy for getting around campus when you are there. Walking across campus can take some time. Biking across campus takes only a few minutes.

If you have extra time between classes, you can also take your bike and ride to downtown Davis. Spend some time enjoying the shopping and dining options that are available there.

Taking the Bus

It does rain here in Davis. Sometimes it rains a lot. If you are not interested in riding a bike in the rain, Unitrans is available for you.

Is taking the bus to the UC Davis Campus easy? Absolutely!

Many of the apartment complexes on the Alvarado Strip are serviced by two (2) UC Davis Unitrans bus routes. These buses can get you to campus quickly and easily. The bus routes service two location on campus: the Memorial Union and the Silo.

Just be sure you pick the right bus line when you head to campus.

The Memorial Union and the Silo serve as transportation hubs so you can easily get to locations throughout Davis, Ca. Check out their bus routes and time schedules.

Commuting to Work

Living and working in Davis? It certainly is easy to get around town when living on Alvarado Strip. Covell Blvd and Anderson Rd are two of the main surface streets in Davis. Both of these roads will help get you around town by taking you directly to where you are going or get you to another main road that can get you to Downtown Davis or other business center in town.

Commuting outside of Davis? All three of our apartment complexes are only one stop sign and two signal-controlled intersections from Highway 113. Highway 113 will quickly get you to Woodland, if you work there, or to Interstate 80 which leads East to Sacramento or West to Vacaville, Fairfield, and the rest of the Bay Area.

Other commuting options include YoloBus and Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor route.


Shopping near the Alvarado Strip

Shopping near apartments for rent in Davis
Nothing is worse that going to the grocery store and having to carry your groceries back to your apartment – for miles.

Or even worse, having to get in your car, or borrow a car, drive miles just to pickup some simple household goods or school supplies.

It pays to live in a location that has nearby shopping.

That is another reason that the Alvarado Strip is a great location live.

On the Alvarado Strip, there are two shopping centers conveniently located to apartments: the Marketplace and Anderson Plaza. Both of these shopping centers have a major grocery store.

Not interested in cooking tonight?

In addition to the shopping options at each, you will also find a variety of dining options.

Grab some friends and head over to the Marketplace or Anderson Plaza. You will find plenty of delicious dinner options.

It might even be difficult to make a decision on where to go. So many restaurants to choose from.

More on the Alvarado Strip

As you can see, the Alvarado Strip is a great place to live. It is home to some of the best apartments in Davis.

If you are looking for off-campus student housing that is convenient, close to camps, has a number of amenities, on bus routes, great for biking, close to shopping, and more, be sure to check out the Alvarado Strip.

Check for yourself. Give Davisville Management Company a call to see what is available for the upcoming school year.

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