Testimonial Video


Be sure to stop by Almondwood Apartments and view all the features and amenities before making a decision on where to rent your next apartment in Davis. We are confident you will find all the apartment features and amenities you need for your off-campus student apartment rental.


I live at Almondwood Apartments. My name is Cassie.

My name is Clint Burnett and I’ve been living at Almondwood Apartments for about two years now and I absolutely love it.

I really love it here it’s really quiet.

I live here because of the location.

It’s so close to everything.

Everything is the most convenient location and place you could ever live in Davis.

It’s really well located right across the street from the marketplace and just down the street from campus.

Only a mile away and the transportation of course is…

right on the bus stop. So there’s a nice bus that goes right to Silo or the MU. Very central in campus.

They run on the weekends. It is pretty easy.

It’s really easy to bike. It takes about 12 minutes on your bike and…

The management is really friendly.

Whenever you have a problem their maintenance staff is right on it. They fix it that day or the day after and the management is super friendly to you. If you need anything she accommodates you. It just couldn’t be better.

It’s really quiet and even at night. You may hear a little bit but it’s really not loud at all. It’s really easy to study and focus.

I love studying here. During the summer time it’s really nice and bright in your apartment so it’s really easy to study.

I just really am never been disappointed here at Almonwood and I love everything about it.

Everyone here pretty much goes to Davis. So, I mean, a lot of your friends are either just down the street or just around the corner.

I really like my apartment and where it’s situated

As far as when we came to Davis I looked at Almondwood and I didn’t go anywhere else