Aggie Square Apartments Video

Want to know what it is like to live at Aggie Square Apartments? Check out the Aggie Square Apartments video to hear what other UC Davis students are saying about our apartment complex and the many apartment features here. We think you will agree. Be sure to schedule a tour so you can see the apartment amenities for yourself.


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My name is Janice and I live in Aggie Square.

My name is Ryan and I’m from Aggie Square.

What drew me was the really good rent prices and the location. It’s very close to campus.

Me and my roommates we all go to UC Davis and none of us have a car and that’s because

it’s only about a 10-minute bike ride.

There’s always a bus that you can catch.

You can’t beat the location.

The F is just right outside my door and then the G and J are just down the street.

What kept me here at Aggie Square was just the management.

They’ve been really helpful with everything. Every time we need any work done in our apartment they’re right on it.

They’re really nice they’re really responsive.

Every Thanksgiving during that time they would like to throw this banquet.

Every Christmas they give us cookies which people from other places are always jealous of.

And I love their little cookies that they give it to us.

I do pretty much all of my studying at home so I never have any problems with noisy neighbors or anything. And even if there’s somebody having a party nearby you can go down to the study lounges and study there.

There’s two shopping marts.

Yeah there’s the Safeway. There’s a CVS if you ever sick. You know it’s ten minute walk away.

You can just walk to SaveMart. Its right across the street.

You know the supermarkets across the street. We have pool, jacuzzi and it’s a great place to live. It’s got everything that a student needs.

I’d stay longer just for the great atmosphere and great layout of the apartments and the location again. There’s things nearby that are really easy to get to. Just across the street there’s SaveMart and Guads which is a really good Mexican restaurant and it’s just a great place to live.

I love North Davis and Aggie Square is a great location and there’s just nowhere else I would rather be in Davis.

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