Aggie Square Apartments Floor Plans and Pricing

Aggie Square Apartments offers UC Davis students one-, two-, and three-bedroom floor plans and pricing options from which to choose. All of our apartment rental units include spacious main living areas, full-featured kitchen with refrigerator, oven, stove top, microwave oven, dishwasher, convenient dining area, large rooms with built-in closets, and split bathroom design. These spacious off-campus apartments provide residents with privacy, time saving conveniences, and maximum livability. Live, socialize, study, and relax in a setting that makes Aggie Square Apartments a great place for you and your fellows UC Davis classmates to call home! You can find the floor plan and pricing that fits your budget.

To see the floor plans in greater detail, click on the images below. You can then navigate from floor plan to floor plan using the controls available in the floor plan image gallery. Take a few moments and compare the layouts for the 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments. You will see which apartment layout would work best for you and your college friends.  In each of the images, you can see the layout for each apartment style. 

Aggie Square Apartments Pool and BBQ area

Aggie Square Photo Gallery

Floor plan and pricing information looks good? Take a look at our photo gallery and see what Aggie Square Apartments are all about. Check out the apartment interiors and the entire facility in this gallery.

Need some great tips about living the apartment lifestyle? Check out the Davisville Student Housing Blog. Below is a sample of the fantastic student living information that you will find.


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Any dimensions and square footage shown on apartment floor plans are approximate. Our on-site facility managers will gladly help you with any questions about apartment layouts, dimensions, and square footage.

Apartment rental pricing of  subject to change. 

Contact Aggie Square Apartments’ on-site manager for more information about floor plans and pricing for our student apartments. Our expert staff will help you with floor plan and pricing information or schedule a tour so you can see what Aggie Square Apartments has to offer. 

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